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It’s so sad… (via An Idiot’s Soliloquy)

April 27, 2011 Leave a comment

this blogger writes: The irony in the title of this blog, “idiot’s soliloquy” will doubtless fly over the heads of America’s illiterate haters of “Liberalism” – see: America’s little Frankenstein monsters  – for the writer of  “idiot’s soliloquy” is  clearly NO IDIOT!

The word “Liberal” is utterly, utterly misunderstood by most Americans, even though the Founding Fathers wrote a Constitution that is a classic Liberal document.

You need only study up on John Locke, ‘The Father of Liberalism’ to understand the liberal vision of The Founding Fathers.

America! THINK!❜

blogger ‘An idiot’s Soliloquy’ writes…”that the GOP has spent so many years trying to demonize even the word ‘liberal’. Read any of  the ocean of GOP (or so-called ‘conservative’) blogs and outlets, and you’ll find out that being liberal means: You Hate America You Hate the Military (even if you served honorably in it) You Hate Small and Big Businesses – except for the oxymoronic ‘fact’ that you secretly pander to them You Hate God, Christ – anything but Atheism and ‘Allah’ (but, g … Read More

via An Idiot’s Soliloquy


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