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“If 6 was 9!” ‘The Undefeated Ticket Sales’ Faked-Up on Google. Palin-Propagandists Hoaxing America

Palins pussy is hot

Palins pussy is hot (Photo credit: Vince_Lamb)

“If 6 was 9” PalinProp-aganda: Hoaxing America!


Palin propagandists  SPAMMING SEARCH ENGINES with suspicious ticket sales claims : The Undefeatedpremieres to PACKED Atlanta THEATRE!‘… Ticket Pre-Sales  ON PAR withHARRY  POTTER!!!” 


This blogger writes:“If 6 Was 9” is a song written by Jimi Hendrix and recorded by The Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1967. The iconic tune is noteworthy for making innovative use of  technological studio  effects such as slap, echo,  fuzzbox, distortion, and reverb.

Likewise, desperate Sarah Palin boosters are using  Internet  FUZZ, DISTORTION, ECHO  and REVERB  to spam search engines like Google with dis-information. Their aim is to fool American voters, shilling them with ridiculous claims of blockbuster ticket sales of Palin’s vanity feature film The Undefeated

If 6 was 9, or maybe if 2 was 12, or 3 was 8, then maybe the  psychedelic claims held by  Palin’s personality cult that her vanity movie has achieved boffo ticket sales on par with ‘Harry Potter might possibly, theoretically, perhaps, potentially, MAYBE have a tiny, infinitesimal crumb of truth to them……Naaaaaah!

Tea Party hacks hiding out in their spider dens of  ‘conservatism extremis‘  such as Sarah.net, Newsbusters.org, Gary P. Jackson’s conservative blog, ” A Time For Choosing,” and – auspiciously –  one particularly insidious web presence, Vocus (an online PR machine with enhanced web presence, pouring out freebies for Sarey) have been busily posting, re-posting, re-writing-and-re-posting, and bombarding search engines with fuzzy disinformation about ticket sales for The Undefeated. 

Don’t trust your Google, Bing, Yahoo,  Dogpile and other searches about Sarah Palin, America. The former Guv of Wasila has a web team busily faking-up stories distorting the truth about ticket sales of  The Undefeated TheIf 6 was 9 Team has been spamming  mind-altering PR all over popular search engines in a massive public relations fraud. The dis-information campaign seems to be suspiciously connected to one conservative operator with deep web presence!


TRY IT YOURSELF: Google:  “Ticket sales The Undefeated”

YOU WILL FIND: hits just like these:

Immediately note the identical headlines, but differing url’s in the two hits displayed above. And THIS capture represents just two of dozens of clone hits to be found on all the major search engines! HOW did  THAT happen?

Who is CRANKING OUT out this barrage of barely-disguised “clone news” ?

Neither of  the above hits  when clicked, offer any sales figures to back up their claims. They offer only airy hyperbole about boffo ticket sales over the weekend of July 16 & 17, 2011. They advertise that  The Undefeated achieved sales “on par with Harry Potter.”

Oh, really? Harry Potter earned $168 million on the weekend. Is Aunt Sarey ReAlly that RICH already? Then her own war chest for the 2012 presidential campaign is already larger than that of all other candidates combined! And Sarey hasn’t even DECLARDED yet!


Check out the following search hit:

PRWeb>Vocus>conservative web entrepreneur & blogger Rick Rudman

Note the top domain name from which this hit is broadcast: “www.PRWEB.com.”

Who is “PRWeb“? It turns out PRWeb is an online diseminator of news releases, not unlike any newswire: AP, ABC, Reuters, etc. etc. These PR companies  supply “news” reports to news organizations: newspapers, magazines, and radio and television broadcasters. PRWeb is owned and run  by one Rick Rudman. Rudman also owns  PRWeb’s parent PR company called Vocus.

Vocus” is another name you will find buried in dozens of your online searches for “Ticket sales The Undefeated.” 


Mr. Rudman prefers to work in the shadows.

If you search “Rick Rudman” on Google you will be presented with the following warning: “This site may harm your computer.

Just for the hell of it, this writer went ahead and clicked the booby-trapped link to Rudman. [For your own safety I do not provide the risky link here.] The next Security Warning reads: “Continue at your own risk. For detailed information about the problems we found, visit Google’s Safe Browsing diagnostic page for this site.

Rudman’s Google Profile is blank. Very nice, Dr. Evil!

Why is Rudman’s company, Vocus, behind searches for “Ticket sales The Undefeated”? What is Rudman’s link to Sarah Palin? Why is his company, Vocus, “getting more publicity” (as the company logo goes) for Sarey, in this subaltern manner?  We may never know. Maybe the CIA has the poop on the connections between the Internet spook and Aunt Sarey.


Another conservative boing  you will find  buried in  your searches for  Ticket sales The Undefeated” is a blogspot entitled,The Speech: A Time For Choosing.” This Big Fat Blog is multi-linked all over the conservative web, to: sarahnet, Newsbusters, Victoryfilmgroup, and more. Gary P Jackson, Executive Editor and Publisher of “A Time For Choosing,” spikes one over the net  to the reader right off the top. In warning us to self-censor our comments, Jackson writes:

Pretty simple, we are Reagan-Palin Conservatives. We strongly support the ideals that both Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin stand for. With that said, we will not publish attacks on either. Simply not going to do it, SO DON’T BOTHER![my emphasis]

Friendly, open-minded chap,  Gary sounds like, doesn’t he? Maybe not exactly the type you’d like for your over-the-back-fence neighbour, though. I can assure you that this Canadian neighbour is keeping well to MY side of the 49th. Who needs the Grief of Gary! Good Grief!


America, if you’re thinking evil thoughts by now about Dear Aunt SareySTIFLE IT! Don’t make Gary have to throttle your  stupid unpatriotic, liberal, pinko throat!

Just lean back, close your eyes and think of  “The Spirit of America – Organizer Palin,” while you get S – – – – – D!

Is it just me…or is this air-headed Palin pest BUGGING you, too?


For more revealing reading on the Palin Propaganda Machine read these blogs: “C & L” -“‘Crooks and Liars” – ‘ by  David Neiwert, and  “Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid : The Palin Propaganda Machine,” by Sikivu Hutchinson on The Black Agenda Report – News, analysis and commentary from the black left.

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    Ah yes, nicely put, everyone.

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