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“Retarded” is rude. “Idiotic” and “Imbecilic” too. But Palin’s loony bio-pic is being called “Dumb and Dumberer,” “Dazed and Confused,” and “Hopeless Sputtering”!


Palin-intellect (Photo credit: Monado)

Sarah Palin calls herself “Undefeated” in her new movie. Is it a belated April Fools’ joke, Sarey?

New York Times critic  Kyle Smith was the first journalist to preview  the new two-hour Sarah Palin movieThe Undefeated” on 4 June. He wrote of Palin’s turgid paen to Herself:

[The movie] is an excruciating combination of bombast and whining, it’s so outlandishly partisan that it makes Richard Nixon look like Abraham Lincoln.

“In one scene, we’re told she didn’t care about polls; in the next, she’s bragging about her approval rating (88%). So does her recent approval rating of 28% tell her that she must be doing something wrong?

“I’d sooner have watched a Michael Moore movie. Any Michael Moore movie. Even Canadian Bacon!

If you’re hopeful (or worried) that this movie is the secret trigger for a Palin relaunch, don’t be. Even if you fixed the blaring soundtrack and took out all the symbols of the cataclysmic evil opposing Palin (barking dogs, disaster footage, a closeup of Rosie O’Donnell), you’d still be left with a hopeless sputtering jumble.


This blogger writes:  Sarah Palin is One Big Tease. She’s been playing a game with  American voters that she surely thinks is sly, but is really just plain nutty. Her jokey, perpetually-undeclared run for candidacy in the 2012 presidential race so far adds up to a case of  Great Tit Arctic brainfreeze, and the neural confusion attendant to that avian Illness of The North.
Whether it’s her cross-country Magical Mystery Tour aboard a bus dubbed “One Nation,” (which apparently had no planned itinerary whatsoever), or noshing pepperoni pizza with fake-campaigner Donald Trump, or flaming-out in The Undefeated, Palin never fails to amuse.
But her now too-familiar Dumb and Dumberer public image is beginning to grate on the nerves of voters.
Months ago the unthinkable conceivable – ‘Palin for President‘ – at least had  the look of a serious run. In March 2011 Sarey made BIG NOISES to online fanzine  Hollywoodlife.com,  prompting  the headline: “Sarah Palin To Make Big Announcement Friday: Is She Declaring Her Run For Presidency?  The celebrity fanzine said  Palin’s “big announcement” was to be on 1 April.
But 1 April came and went with no announcement from Palin. Was it an April Fools’ joke?
What a stupid circus for a woman who desperately needs to trade-in her bimbo celebrity brand for a new, Serious Sarah brand, a brand that just might help her to redeem  a modicum of respect or regard from her alienated paterfamilias, the GOP.
The film about the former governor was previewed by selected critics in June, and will be in limited distribution in Iowa the week of July 15th. The distributor, ARC Entertainment, says it will move into national distribution thereafter.
Sarey and her feature film have their defenders: “Texans for Sarah Palin,” to name just one fan club, rebuked the almost unanimous negative reviews of the movie with their OWN review: “The Power of ‘The Undefeated: A Review by Josh Painter.” Painter betrays a Tea Party-like hostility to all apostates.
He writes: “The Undefeated doesn’t need to have that much of an impact on everyone who experiences it… The hard left will never give Gov. Palin an even break, but they’re only about 20 percent of the population, so they aren’t relevant to the mission of the this documentary (aside from the fact that they helped to perpetuate the media-driven lies about Sarah Palin by repeating them over and over again).” And, says Painter,  minority groups, “will not even bother to watch the movie anyway.” Golly! What would EVER cause  those darn minorities to feel disenchanted with the Palin Pack? Could THEY be holding a GRUDGE for these wild-ass insults… that have flown… From the Mouth of Sarey?:

Nope! According to Josh Painter  minority groups in American society are just plain Not Needed On The Ark
Painter concludes: “All this film need do is persuade those who sit for it to give her a second look, one not contaminated by media misrepresentation. Given that criteria, I believe that it will be a great success.
The really important issue that the Palin camp needs to get a grip on is Sarey’s own public image as a buffoon and a bigot. The lady lacks public credibility.  When a list of Top Tweets for the

TWEEEEEET! Anybody home?

Best Alternate Title for “The Undefeated” includes such spiteful mockery aimed personally at the on-again, off-again “candidate” (will she? won’t she?) as : “Dumb and Dumberer. Or How to Succeed in Politics Without Really Knowing Anything,”  “2 Dumb 2 Furious,”  “Dude, Where’s My Integrity?;”  “How to Train Your Dragon Lady,”  “A Disgrace Odyssey,” and “Swindler’s List“…then…
it’s time for someone from The Palin Pack  to call out: “Wasilla Base, We Have A Problem Here!” And the problem is the candidate.
Narcissistic malingering  has been a lifelong personality trait of Sarah Palin. IF she is serious about declaring her candidacy for the 2012 election, she might want to consider how far back in the lineup she already is. The following candidates have already declared ( as of the date of this writing, 29 June, 2011):

Names of formally declared candidates appear in bold.

That’s fifteen eager beavers. Next to them, how will Sarey look, lolling in at the last moment, making a fashionably late Grand Entrance?
The list includes one candidate people are already calling a sort of a mini-Palin – Michele Bachmann, whose Tea Party pedigree and charming insolence might easily trump Palin’s ditzy appeal. “If Sarah Palin runs, will she face her own Mini-Me?” asks  Steven Schier, a political scientist at Carleton College in Minnesota. “If they face off, who’ll win? After all, the GOP presidential race probably has room for only one female tea party candidate with lots of parkas,” says Schier. Bachman may turn out to be the Cheshire cat at the Tea Party to Palin’s hapless puss:Poor Sarah might miss the milk bowl entirely!
And as some good Brit said Somewhere, Sometime : “Adding milk to tea just enhances the taste.”

Here, pussy, pussy! Milk and TEA TIME!
sigh…nothing more sad than a retarded pussy.

Isn’t THAT Special

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