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America’s Little Frankenstein monsters on the Internet

American LIBERAL-HATING Youth Go Frankenstein on Answer Board – Be Very Afraid!
»”Only in America“…so goes the saying.
In America today there seems to be afoot a new “Frankenstein” generation of young political hooligans who self-identify as “Haters of Liberalism.”  I call them “Frankenstein” monsters because they are so much the manufactured product of their dysfunctional role models and leaders: parents, pastors, and politicians. America is broken, there’s no denying that! But the malformed IDEAS spinning around in the prefabricated heads of these monster Americans are so utterly, utterly uncivilized that they really cause me to fear for the future of the few functioning Liberal Democracies still standing (barely) in the world. They haven’t a basic understanding of Liberal philosophy, so they  just puppet the uninformed words and ideas of their venial conservative masters.

WEBSTER'S Dictionary : Liberalism defined...and conservatism!


» VIZ: Today (23 April, 2011 – Easter Weekend!) on a very popular “Answers” Internet board [which must go unidentified here for proprietary reasons – but it’s not hard to guess it!], a young user going by the Internet handle of  “America First” (!!??) posted a question so STUNNINGLY IGNORANT of political philosophy and democratic life, JUST dripping in plain, outright, blind, ignorant, anti-social hatred!…it leaves a thinking person wondering WHAT awful fate portends in the future, when these mini-Frankensteins step up to take their turn at running the World?!

» HERE is the vile interrogation

QUESTION: Should liberals be subject to a ‘Loyalty test‘ to keep their citizenship? Additional Details: Those that hate America probably shouldn’t be it’s citizens.❞

Excuuussse Me!!

IT SCARES ME HALF TO DEATH when I hear American youth slinging the “H”-word around against – of ALL PEOPLE! – Liberals!! And these little misfit monsters are always on with subjects about which they are abysmally ill-informed and uneducated – concepts vitally important to the survival of the Free World – concepts such as Democracy, Liberalism, Civil Rights, Freedom…it portends only THE WORST for the future of the Free World…

the four beasts that ride on white, red, black, and pale horses which each symbolize Conquest, War, Famine and Death, respectively.[1] The Christian apocalyptic vision is that the four horsemen are to set a divine apocalypse upon the world as harbingers of the Last Judgment.

The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse

Here is my response to the little Frankenstein monster, “America First“:

This is a query that betrays a STUNNING ignorance of political philosophy!
•FIRST: ( I think I can safely assume that you – the questioner – are an American, because only in America is the word “liberal” so profoundly misunderstood and made an epithet – like a dirty word!)
»Roget’s Dictionary Definition: “LIBERAL” • favorable to or respectful of individual rights and freedoms : liberal citizenship laws.• (in a political context) favoring maximum individual liberty in political and social reform : a liberal democratic state.” 

•SECOND: Questioner, are you AGAINST “individual rights and freedoms,” and “liberty”? REALLY? If your answer is “yes”, than YOU are the one who doesn’t deserve citizenship!

John Locke

THIRD: Classic “Liberalism” is what America is ( well…..was, in an earlier time) ALL ABOUT! The Founding Fathers  drew heavily upon English philosopher John Locke in establishing America’s First Principles. Locke is commonly remembered as ‘The Father of Liberalism.’ What was the main tenet of Locke’s Liberalism? “Liberty”!

The sad thing is that modern day America has devolved into a plutocratic police state – the very antithesis of what the “Founding Fathers” < {I just Love that phrase! The ‘Founding Fathers.’ The ‘Founding Fathers’ “founded” nothing! North America had already been “found” and settled by native nations tens of thousands of years before The Pilgrims showed up at Plymouth Rock. The phrase should be : “The Marauding, Stealing, Murdering MOTHERS !”} had envisioned for their new nation.

Questioner, your direct association of “Liberalism” with “hating” America is utterly, utterly, egregiously, grievuosly BACKWARDS! Please tell me: you are not a graduate of any high school! Especially not a student or graduate of any one of America’s foundering universities! WHERE do you get your ideas from, “America First“?  Murderous Murdoch’s FOX TV?

Liberals are devoted to everything your constitution prescribes for American society: Liberty, Freedom, Civil Rights; Civic Responsibility, ( The Pursuit of Happiness” in the constitution has been misunderstood in modern times. Modern day constitutional experts believe that the framers of the constitution here were thinking more about a collective responsibility of all to contribute to the greater happiness of all. ) , Progress, Free Speech, Economic freedom, etc. etc.

You’ve arrived at your gross mis-understanding of the word “Liberal” through a process of political socialization uniquely seen only in America, where a polarized, radicalized two-party Congressional system has backed itself into a deadlock where true democratic debate has become so severely distorted that one party (GOP) has carved out for itself a space where everything and anything proposed in Congress by the OTHER party (DEMS) is automatically deemed wrong, evil, unpatriotic, illegal, illegitimate – regardless of logic, utility or civic inspiration.

•Understand this: in your country today, there is no democracy. This sad state of affairs has nothing to do with “Liberals” hating America, and everything to do with a Congress that is rendered irrelevant because of the hopeless partisan deadlock I described above. The GOP reflexively “hates” and opposes any laws proposed by the DEMS. AND vice versa!

By definition, most GOP politicians ARE Liberals – lovers of Llberty, Freedoms, etc. etc. They just can’t admit to their own liberal thinking because to do so would imply cooperation and teamwork with their sworn enemies, the hated DEMS, And in American politics these days, “cooperation and teamwork” are totally IMPOSSIBLE!

I’ll tell you who should be subject to a “Loyalty Test”: persons [such as the questioner] who have no command of the English language, and who fling the “H-word” around wholesale at anyone who happens to get in their political cross-hairs.

But honestly, NOBODY in a free and democratic society should EVER be subjected to such an outrageous insult to freedom as your little idea of a “loyalty test.” That kind of thinking belongs in totalitarian states where citizens have NO freedoms and NO rights.

The very fact that you would even ASK this question is just about the scariest thing that could be happening in the Free World today. You frighten me to the extreme. The way you want the world to go is down the road to Damnation.

Only in America“…so goes the saying.

  1. Mitchell
    July 31, 2011 at 7:28 am

    Stay with this guys, you’re helplng a lot of people.

  2. December 23, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    Well that’s why the young people of America, such as myself, must take it upon themselves to understand the cause of liberty and all that it entails. That’s why I have dedicated my life to educating myself about all aspects of liberty and then defending it! Of course, ones definition of how liberty should be maintained differs from person to person. However, I believe if we only can look at all sides of the arguments, choose that which is sensible and just, and vote accordingly, America will be a better place for my generation and my kids.

    On that note I have a couple points I would like to make about your argument.

    First, I think you are asserting that modern American progressive liberals and classical liberalism are the same thing. They aren’t. The constitution was written as you said with heavy influence by the philosopher John Locke. The constitution was written by people concerned with the scope of government influence in their lives and who wanted personal liberty as well as a functional state. Modern Liberals support government intervention in order to enforce fairness, social justice etc. This is believed by them to be necessary for liberty. Classical Liberalism, the Liberalism that the founders relied upon, speaks of the social contract and Locke’s insistence that Government is needed for nothing more than recognizing and protecting property (ALL property including your property of your life) rights. When the government goes beyond that scope, like modern liberals support, Locke believes it is dangerous and infringing on liberty.

    Second, it seems throughout your article, and with your interaction on my blog, that you identify yourself as a modern liberal. Will, that seems to be contradictory to what you are about. It seems you would identify more as a Libertarian (watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDgkUPokclk )

    I would also like to point out that since you seem to believe in this Libertarian philosophy, as far as I can tell (you should correct me if I am wrong), you are, very technically, far to the right of the modern conservative movement, and therefore cannot be completely against the right in America and certainly cannot support the left in America.

    But I’m just a kid who sometimes thinks he knows more than he really does, but I try to live as a Thinker, as you know. I try to always come to the sensible conclusion, no matter what it is. Please tell me if my assumptions about your philosophy are wrong. Thanks for keeping up with my blog and I will keep up with yours!

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